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cynicism is my friend (but is apparently not very becoming on me)

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I love Conan O’Brien, and he is usually good for a lot of laughs, but on his last appearance on the Tonight Show (damn you, Jay Leno and NBC), he actually struck a serious chord and really, really affected me. Conan O’Brien hates cynicism.


Uh, well, I have, for the past however-many years of my life, prided myself on my comical cynicism (I like to think it’s comical). My general bad attitude about most people (okay, really close to all people) and their senses of self-entitlement has been commonplace… I have come to expect the worst from people because that’s all I typically see. (Sorry, that is excepting those of you whom I dearly, dearly love, and even more particularly, those of you whom I dearly love that do not understand how cynicism can be funny!)

But there I go again… is cynicism funny, really? I mean, I’ve always thought that my being able to make jokes out of the horrible condition of the human heart/soul/mind was a sort of optimistic approach. I can laugh a lot of things off this way. Even when I’m seriously offended, or whatever, by someone’s actions or words, I am usually pretty good at laughing it off, and thinking Wow. People suck. So typical. and then following that thought with They’re missing the point. So, you see? I do get the big picture, right? Is this even cynicism?*

So here’s where I just sigh, shrug my shoulders and think I’ll never be who everyone else wants me to be.

This is not to say that I don’t continuously try to better myself and my attitude. I do want to be a better person and I will always try, but I am who I am. And I am loved just the same.

Sorry, Conan.

*Oh, yes, most definitely. 2.a. and 2.b.


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May 3, 2010 at 9:31 pm

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