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i cannot tell you how much i hate my job. my boss made me cry today because she is such a giant BITCH (excuse me) who contradicts herself. she tells me one thing, then a year later asks me why i’m doing something a certain way. “because you told me to do it this way,” i say, and she yells at me while SHE is the one who is wrong! it’s like she thinks she has no boundaries… she thinks she can cross any line and say anything without any repercussions. it’s ridiculous. she thinks she can treat anyone any way she wants and that they’ll just take it (which most of them do). i will NOT put up with it anymore. i refuse. there is absolutely NO point to it. i am an awesome employee. i do a GREAT job there, and i have made maybe five errors in four years (small errors, at that). that’s a pretty freaking good record. so if my boss wants to nit-pick over a bunch of bullshit drama that SHE is creating, that’s fine w/ me. i’ll just excuse myself.

a co-worker told me today, “i don’t think she’s in her right mind.”

i think my co-worker is right.

Written by cestpourmoi

October 23, 2009 at 4:32 pm

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