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is this a joke?

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I wonder… are the designers of ugly fashion all laughing when they come up with their designs? Is this a big joke? I know – they want to see how many people will actually buy their crap, right? And they’re laughing when people actually do purchase the ugly stuff. The clueless customer says, “It’s new, so it must be in style.”

WRONG. No. Please. No. Seriously.

If I were a designer of any sort, I would never, ever, ever design something so horribly wrong just because there are people out there that will buy it. As a designer, you are also a trend-setter, and therefore should be making the people of the world more beautiful. You should not be lowering your standards to fit the tastes of the tasteless just to make a buck. Come ON!

This post is dedicated to the people of Crocs and Dansko, as well as to their customers. 🙂
With much love, of course.


Written by cestpourmoi

September 7, 2009 at 3:24 pm

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