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An update (more of a follow-up) from my ‘what is this?‘ post from July:

I’m going to South Africa for two weeks in either the Spring of ’10 or ’11 to work in an orphanage. And this is how it came about:

I, obviously, had been struggling with where my life was (or was not) going and with what I was (or was not) doing with my gifts and my time. As you would notice from posts pasts, I had been questioning the meaning of my life – the purpose of my life, I should say – and was really feeling a tug on my heart to change something, but I didn’t know how or what it was that I needed to change. I felt like service was my calling – but how would I serve? Where?

So, I challenged God. Nothing I’ve ever done before, no. I’ve prayed for things before – for guidance and wisdom – but would never have dreamed of actually challenging what I knew my heart was telling me to do. (What I knew God was telling me to do.)

On my way to work one day, I told God that I knew I was supposed to serve. I understood that much. But I asked God, “how? and where? I refuse to uproot my new family just because of this “urge” I have to go serve…” I thought, “there has to be somewhere within the community that I can fulfill this purpose.” So I told God that if He provided me with a way to do this – to serve – without having to make a huge, permanent move and without having to expend a lot of funds, I would go. (I know that is horrible, but, I was challenging God – that is horrible enough on its own. Get over it.) I also told God that I wanted to serve someone and somewhere where it was a desperate situation. I had always heard and known of various mission trips, but I had never gone on one. I wanted that sort of opportunity; not to build a house or church or school, but to actually teach God’s Word.

And guess what? God stepped up to the challenge, and completely kicked my hiney. (As if we’re surpised, right?) Within a week, I met a couple at a small group that just happened to be missionaries living in South Africa. I thought, “seriously? Okay God, I get it – they’re missionaries. Haha, very funny.” So I told myself (and God) that if this couple were to provide the opportunity that I had challenged God to show me, that of course, I would go. But I didn’t say a word to them about it that evening.

Within a week after that, the couple was speaking at our church about service and about their work in SA. They showed a video (which made me cry) and spoke about our callings – how each and every one of us has been called to serve. Maybe not in SA, maybe not in Mexico, or some other place foreign to us. Maybe just in our own countries, or in our own communities, or in our own homes! Service is why we are here. Service is why I am here.

So, of course, I surrendered. I got the point. Every single thing I had challenged God on was there before me. Everything I had been praying about for the past several months had been answered within a two-week period.

Time for fund-raisers!


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August 16, 2009 at 5:42 am

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