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I have posted a bit of this before – it’s from my friend’s blog. He really does say (write) all of the right things.

Here’s a little more of it again, my favorite post to date:

you cannot compare the lives of two different people to each other (one who professes to follow Christ and one who does not) and expect to have a fair argument. we wouldn’t do that with other arguments, so why would we do that with Christ or with Christianity?

for example, you wouldn’t say, “this guy has never had knee problems at all, but that guy is always seeing the doctor and he has terrible knees!” and expect to have an argument against physicians. no, the problem is not with the physician, it is with the knees this man has had handed down to him from his parents.

the comparison must always be between the condition of the man’s knees before he ever stepped foot into the physician’s office and their condition after receiving the physician’s treatment for a period. that is how we must treat this situation if we are looking for a fair comparison.


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August 16, 2009 at 5:31 am

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