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Steve Mason said in church this past Sunday that if we Christians focus on not doing what we’re not supposed to do, and if we remain inside that religious box, we’re completely missing the point. (Of course Steve was much more eloquent.) Christianity is not about religion. It’s about redemption. We’re all failures sinners. God knows that; that was kind of the point of the whole crucifixion thing… remember that? I’m not expected to be perfect, and no matter how hard I try, it’s not gonna happen. Ever.

You and I are so much alike. I have doubts too; a lot of the time I wonder what the point of it all is, what my purpose is, why this, why that. The difference between you and I? The significant difference? I know deep inside that, even on my darkest days, there is a point. And although I can’t see it, even though I, just like all other Christians (whether they want to admit it or not), sometimes just wish my last day would come because this life here on earth is so miserable, I always have hope. No matter how small that hope may be on any given miserable day, it is there.

So you may say that I’m not walking the walk, and you’re right. I’m not. I’m horrible at this. I trip and fall (face-plant) every day. So, what? That’s what Christians do. That’s what everyone does. Christians do not claim to be perfect. Not by a long shot. We’re just like you; we’re searching for the same thing you are. When we want to self-improve though, we don’t head to the self-help section at the bookstore. We’re one step ahead of you there: We’ve found the right starting point.


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June 3, 2009 at 3:30 am

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