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the trouble with Christians

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the trouble with Christians is…

“i’ve heard many people say they have trouble with Christianity because they know someone who professes to be a Christian, but who lives a lifestyle that looks nothing like the Jesus they’ve read or heard about. someone who talks one way, but who lives a completely different way.

now, only The One who created each one of us, only He who really knows our hearts, may ever know whether such people are actually believers in His son, whether they actually desire to follow after Him. but, i still have trouble with this argument.

you see, Christians are simply sinners in the process of being made into God’s likeness.

a Christian is merely someone who has recognized that they’re driving a broken machine, and who has acknowledged that the one who is called Jesus Christ is their only hope to be made right. that is it. not that they are fixed, but that, because of Him, they are being made right. it is a process, to be certain. a process that goes more slowly for some than it does for others (the machine person a is driving may be in much worse condition than the machine person b is driving, for example). but it is a process He promises to finish.

He promises to finish what He starts. but He isn’t finished yet.”

Read on at http://handsnfeet.wordpress.com/2009/05/31/auto-shop-the-trouble-with-christians-is/.


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June 1, 2009 at 4:26 am

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